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When you get an A4 page border error, this user guide has been created to help you. This A4 page has a bottom margin of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and side margins of 1 1/4 mm) (31.7.


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a4 page margins

Standard margins for docksA4 size in Japan?

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The rescue. I live in the US, so in the US the standard MS Word document size would be (8.5 letter X articles 1 inch 1 s) with 1 inch margins. However, I have Et europe private clients in Japan who I wanted to know what are the standard margins for A4 paper in Et europe in Japan?

Thank you all.


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you know the text April 11, a few years ago

It’s not difficult: just start the word processor chip, go to the page properties, group the paper size to A4, set it and automatically set the correct floorI. These are only the ones that have a serious word processor application built in.
But I have verified that margins and margins can be 2.5 cm (almost almost inches) round (headers and 1.25 cm footers)
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I think it’s probably not the standard “European” Word ms. It’s pretty close if you want 1 inch.

Maybe I’m not at all sure if there is a single accepted standard.


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They may differ depending on the purpose April 11, 2007

in part of my country, Belarus, correspondence in intermediate government offices has always been used as follows:
– two centimeters up and down;
– 4 cm on the left;
– 1 centimeter on the right (0.8 cm is allowed) .

A frequently requested layout by clients, all including 2cm margins.

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Td > < April 11, 3

Europe, more together and less of the same


In Europe, it’s really about the same: a minimum of 2.5 cm (about 1 inch).

Fields: many see are the most common options if you want to link to a website. If the edge of the binding needs to be taken into account (Word does this automatically). The margin on the right can always be smaller if the text does not require corrections or handwritten annotations. But if your site has text for the proofreader, I advise you to leave a little space. .Show more

In the UK it’s more or less the same: 2.5 cm (about an inch) 1a is definitely the minimum.

Multiple Margins: Centimeters are the most common margin, unless you need blog pages to be bound. If the edge of the binding needs to be taken into account (Word does this automatically). The right margin may shrink when no manual corrections are expected, also known as notes so they canadd text to it. But if you are submitting the text to a good proofreader, I would advise you to leave enough space. But if the article has a logo at the top, you should usually leave at least 1 cm of free space at the bottom (the larger the logo, the more this space should be, unfortunately, but for a “typical” heading this may be fine). . .The same .for the .footer: .If .you .have .page numbers, .marks, .signatures….Then it is recommended that most of them leave at least 1 centimeter of space above 2 (or line spacing ) so that you can confuse them with text.

Please note that this step is not quite standard. It may exist, but this is the approach I myself used to find and use it.

Ruth @ Le 11 mw

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a4 page margins



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How do you print margins on A4 sheet?

First select “File”, then “Print”, click on my settings “Position size” and. Usually this particular setting is the default “Scale to fit the media” that is printed in the margins of the blog. Uncheck the box and it will manually provide you with the scale height and width values ​​corresponding to the full size of the paper. Click “Print” to print your personal image.

What is the standard page margins?

The perimeter is the empty space between the content of the document and the edges of the page. Word’s default margins are already off the page by 1 inch on each side, but you can improve the margins to suit your document’s needs.

What is the page setup for A4?

Size A4 × 210,297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches. In PostScript, its rounded dimensions are × 595,842 dots. A sheet of A4 format folded in half is placed in an envelope with a diameter of C6 (114 × 162 mm).—

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